31 Days…Day Sixteen

31 dayz orignalStill catching up on the previous blogs and they should be posted sometime this week BUT I had to do this one since it was my favorite prompt.

Day Sixteen: Go to iTunes, put your music on random.  Write a story about the first song that comes up. (250 Words or less)

My Song with Lyrics:



My Story:


The silence kills me as I waste away.  My limbs feel like concrete embedded to the hot sheets I lay upon.   I’ve been in this dark long enough that the brief hitches that overcame me in the beginning, cease to exist.  I’ve grown used to the darkness.  Now I await.  Petrified of anything that might disturb my trusted darkness.

In the dark, I can’t make out my journal that’s not two feet beside me.  Written there are the words I hadn’t found the courage to scream aloud until tonight.

In the dark, I am held accountable for everything I once said, did, and thought.  In the silence I feel the weight of that guilt.  I don’t like it.

My mouth is too dry to make the idle noises from before.  Now, the silence…threatens…to kill.

I grip the sheet as my body bows trying to revive my lungs that seem to stop working.  I bang my fist on the bed trying to cope with the lack of oxygen.

Suddenly a warm touch covers my chest, right by my heart.  Allowing some shallow gasp of air.  And with the renewed breath I force my vocals to ring, “Raise me up to live again.”

The warmth crashes down upon me, filling my body.  I feel Him.

“Raise me up to live again, like you did.” I whisper before I am conscious no more.





This Week’s Prompts:

Wk 3 Prompts




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