31 Days… Day Nine

Still catching up after being out of town since Friday but decided to do this day anyway since it was a pretty short prompt.  I'm working on combining the days I'm missing (Five-Eight) into one story.  Prepare to see it sometime this week (hopefully tomorrow). But here's Day Nine: A story in 250 words or... Continue Reading →

31 Days…Day Three & Four

I combined Day Three & Four: Day Three: A Story that takes place pre-1950 Day Four: A Poem using the words: Blue, Mistrust, Half, Twang. Story was inspired by Bal des Ardents I really think this song goes with this story: Outside, the moon rose to its highest, covering the world in darkness and cool... Continue Reading →

31 Days…Day Two

Day Two: Write a Fan fiction Fan fictions are hard for me to let live outside of my imaginations.  I’m basically playing with someone else’s characters for a while, whom I think I know but don’t really.  It leads to lots of fan fictions written about the same world but so different.  Most of the... Continue Reading →

31 Days…Day One

Day One: Rewrite a Classic Fairy Tale. Her wrinkled hands shook as she placed the bread into Hansel’s small hands. Hansel watched in fascination as the drying loaf glowed a deep red once she started to whisper to herself. "Be brave my little ones." She pressed her cold wet lips on Hansel's forehead before doing... Continue Reading →

The Conjuring

My love of good horror movies knows no bounds. I am thoroughly excited about this years peek into the horror movies that is to come for this year, if these two movies are any indication to what's to come. I did a brief insider of Insidious and it's focus on Astral Projection here. I'm hoping... Continue Reading →

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