31 Days…Day Three & Four

31 dayz orignal

I combined Day Three & Four:

Day Three: A Story that takes place pre-1950

Day Four: A Poem using the words: Blue, Mistrust, Half, Twang.

Story was inspired by Bal des Ardents

I really think this song goes with this story:

Outside, the moon rose to its highest, covering the world in darkness and cool silvery rays of light.

Outside, tucked away inside a cove of trees,

Their bodies touching in some places,

They talked in hushed tones filled with emotions.

Hers of regret and redemption

His of pleasure and pleading

Then irritation and intimidations.

She pulled back but he held tight,

Forcing her closer to him and,

Looked deeply into her brown eyes.

Searching for what they shared long ago.

Inspired by the romanticism of the moon and the nature around them,

He kissed her.

But she just wanted to let go.

The imprint of the ring that donned her left hand

Stung his cheek, mocking him.

“Forever!” He claimed as she wiggled free.

She rushed inside away from temptation,

slipping on her mask to match her beautiful navy blue dress.

Inside, where the lights twinkled together then apart

Bathing the ballroom in a magical cloud.

 Inside, where her nuptials were celebrated,

Like her previous one was history.

She thought he would disappear.

She thought he would leave,

Realize he’d been foolish.

So, she lost herself in the celebration.

Laughing, conversing, dancing,

Not battling an eye when someone grabbed her from behind.

But behind the red mask,

His features were clear.

He had not given up,

“And never will,” He said with a crazed glare.

They danced and twirled to the soft melodies,

While she pleaded for her release,

Until the twang of the violin demanded attention.

Then they were separated,

And she was led to the middle of the floor.

She was approached by men,

Their dress was that of animals.

Pick your mate! They shouted with glee.

Easy. She thought.

For he was not the one,

With a feral look in his eyes,

Or remind her of mistrust and false intentions,

And did not don a red mask.


He placed a ring on her finger,

And pledged his soul to her this night.

Third to the left.

Blue eyes sprinkled with love.

No distrust marked his features.

But guilt still coiled deep inside her.

He partook in the foolery dance of the wood savages

Running, jumping, and shouting around,

A smile on his foolish face.

But the smell of fire quickly cut the grin off his face.

She gathered her skirts, preparing to race

To save her husband.

Their time could not be at an end.

Half an inch was all she got,

Before she was covered with hands and was stopped.

The red mask rubbed across her own.

That’s when she realized,

This was a lesson to be told

For one could not play with fire and not expect to get burned.

“If I can’t have you no one will.” He whispered completely spurned.


Photo by Sam Sy on Unsplash

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