Wrap Up 2018

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash

2018 is heading out the door with 2019 ready to step up.  As always let’s Wrap Up the year with a reflection time.

Let’s start by remembering our 2018 goals:

  • Five posts a month. Towards the end of January, I learned that I needed to space them out more through the next months.
  • 100+ views a month.
  • Learning how to keep traffic when I am not posting new posts
  • Learn the basics of blogging and implement it
  • Clear and concise planning and posts that represent the blog.
  • 3 Instagram pics a week
  • Keep our Free Flow Fridays on Instagram going
  • Finish our About Me pages
  • Finish my ‘Brand Audit’ page from my Initiation Kit from Cerries Mooney.
  • Brainstorm on Logos
  • Reintroduce the blog and describe what Embrace the Madness offers.

What we actually succeeded in doing:

  • Instagram page stabilized into a pretty good looking thread
  • Wrote Name Theif in a short amount of time
  • Published Name Theif in two books
  • Over 1,000 views for the year
  • Read six amazing books
  • Tried but didn’t succeed on Camp NaNoWriMo
  • Watched The Nun
  • Had a few book ideas sprouted and ready to explore
  • Introduced new blog series like Writerly Research and Let’s Talk
  • Had fun creating lots of graphics
  • October Madness 2018
  • Had a total of 48 posts for 2018 (WOW)
  • Listened to some awesome music like Ruelle’s new album Emerge and Kerli’s Savages (blog coming soon after the video drops)
  • Created a great logo (see below)
Created by Scribe

Here’s our top 9 on Instagram, if you don’t follow us make sure you do. We have almost reached 100.

And some of our favorite music of the year:

Usually after each year I’m disappointed in myself for not writing more and I felt the familiar grips of it hitting this week. However, as I look back at my FB feed, Instagram and this blog I feel I did great.

I am a writer and considering I did a whole city change and kept writing, I feel awesome.

I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish this year even with me popping in and out.  Thank you for everyone who has read and commented and followed along the journey of the Madness family.

We appreciate you and are curious as to what 2019 will bring.

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  1. I am very proud of the growth your IG page took! I loved seeing it evolve through 2018. Its hard putting yourself out there but you did it and succeeded!! Xoxo

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