Be Ever Watchful

Greta Scholderle Moller. Unsplash

Dear Diary,

I don’t know why but I have this thing I’m sure most would consider strange. Although, people like me would find it beneficial, because you never know.

You have to be ever-watchful of the Things said from your tongue or your head.

And yes I made that up myself and like that it rolls of the tongue. Lol

But I watch what I sing and who I think of. Like there is a song and the lyrics say “For your love I’ll sell the devil my soul.”

Even writing this gives me chills though the song is pretty good. It’s like I expect when I say it, Evil will come down on me. A bird will collide with my house window and die.

I’m going to trip and fall face first in a pile of poo. My alarm will not go off and I’ll do the “I’m late..I’m late” shuffle and be anxious all day.

I’ll forget to pack my lunch and my wallet and forever be hungry at work.

I won’t win the lottery. Lol

Tragic things, you know.

But I can never get myself to sing that verse. I mumble around it or hum in hopes of never drawing evil to my side.

Good. Angelic blessings only.

Sometimes my saying goes into my writing. Like I trip over names of horrible things.

BM which stands for…ummm I’m not sure writing it would be wise.
But what’s the worse that can happen Greer?

BM which stands for Bloody Mary. Ahh! I know she is not really real (maybe..hopefully) but I blame my father and society on that one.

Who knows?

I have to be cautious with these things lest I’m trapped in a dark bathroom somewhere or worse my glasses act as a mirror and she’ll come through them.

The horror! The absolute horror!


I better go. Today we slay the dragon aka find out what’s wrong with one of our grandfather clocks.


Gertrude aka Greer with the Ever watchful Ear.


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