31 Days…Day Eleven

31 dayz orignal

Used this weekend to get a majority of the day challenges but they will be posted one a day.  Starting from Day Eleven and skipping Day Sixteen since it’s already posted and through Day 31.

Day 11: A story where the characters go without power for a day.

I used the world of The Foretold my novella to write this and it’s more like a short story.  I apologize for the length and hope you enjoy.


Katoikía Mageías capital of Dalien, Southern Mainland, Crystalline.

Seduce him. She flipped her black ringlets away from her face and batted her dark eyelashes that covered her green eyes. She took a deep breath then licked her lower lips, tasting the cherry lip stain she wore, making sure to catch his eyes.

Seduce him. She made herself think about an embarrassing time soon heat filled her pale cheeks, a ‘natural’ blush added to her tone.

“Please Magdin, there must be something you could do.” She drawled out.

His eyes tracked down her body and she tried to pretend that his perusal didn’t disgust her.  Inside, though, her body reacted by a nauseous grip in her stomach. She wouldn’t have to sink this low if it wasn’t for the stupid council.  Her hands clenched at the thought.

Keep cool, Jade.  Magdin blue eyes drew toward her breast and she knew this emerald and black lace corset was a great clothing choice. For a few seconds he stared entranced, until she touched his arm, then he jolted back.  Magdin scrubbed his meaty hand down his bearded face then shook his head.  He looked away, his chest raising in quick shots before settling in a deep long breath.  Jade cursed when she looked back into his stern eyes.

“Forget it Jade. Rules are rules.” Magdin turned away from her.

“You just can’t just take my powers!” She yelled at his back and followed after him.

“Councils orders, not mine.” He said from over his shoulder.

He wove deeper and deeper into Katoikía Mageías Hall.  The clicks of her heeled boots pursing behind his thuds.

He’s not getting away that easy.  With each step they took, she shouted his name.  If seduction didn’t work, annoyance and threats maybe would.

They passed by many empty auditoriums and rooms with her close on his heels.  When they passed by the big glass doors to the ballroom, Jade paused and ceased shouting.  It had been rumored along Dalien country that a very important meeting was being held with the neighboring factions.  Possibly making a plan over what to do with the Fate’s Flyer and announcement.

She watched from the corner of the door.  The party was already in full swing.  Different Sorcerer and Sorceress were milling around in the finest clothing and armors around.  She ducked her head when she saw the four Dalien Sorcerers aka Sorcerer Council sitting across the room facing the door.  She prayed they didn’t see her.  She didn’t need another punishment added to this one for trying to seduce one of the guards.  Jade spared the room once last longing look and was met with her friend, Cevastiean Marx.

He frowned and she gave a little finger wave before moving away from the doors.

“Magdin…Magdin, wait.” She whispered and scrambled to catch up to him.

She watched him through the tiny slits of her glare at his grip on her scepter. How dare they deem her rebellious and in need of punishment.

The Sorcerer Council had a lot of nerve. She still didn’t understand what she did to deserve such punishment.  So she ‘murdered’ a ghoul that was technically already dead.

One of the rules was not to harm a ghoul unless it was threatening her, a pact made between that allowed the Sorcerers and the ghouls to live in a somewhat peaceful existence.

This ghoul was threatening her…threatening her patience.  The ghoul interrupted her focus, moaning and groaning and doing ghostly annoying things, like floating. The Sorcerer Rivalry was in a couple of weeks and now that Jade’s only competition was no longer qualified, she had a running chance of winning.  So the ghoul had to leave.  She thought she could convince the Dalien Sorcerer Council that she was acting out of pure defense.

The Dalien Sorcerers were already shaking their head before she had time to get the word defense out, acting as if they heard the excuse before.  And even if they did hear a couple weeks ago, stealing metal scraps from her neighbor’s yard and killing a ghoul were completely different kinds of defense.

If the council would have heard her out, she would have explained that to them.  Big dummy ahead was going to get her in to talk to them again, or so help her gods…

Magdin made a sharp left into a hallway that was empty.  No other door except for the one at the end of the barley lit hall.  She had quieted her voice but kept a sharp lookout on her shiny scepter.  The blue jewels sparkled from the little light in the room.  So precious.  So powerful.  So mine.

She growled and picked her speed so that now she was almost touching Magdin’s shirt.  The bigger they are, the harder they fall.  Her hand reached out.

He grew nearer to a room that read guards only and before she could follow him or get a grip on his shirt, he shut the door on her face, nearly closing her hand in the door.

“Stupid, giant ogre!” She shouted at the closed door, holding her precious hand to her chest.  Oh, it was definitely time for action.  No more Miss nice Jade.  She tried the knob and found it locked.

Green Eyes  Jade’s hand curled into a fist, her long nail like claws digging into her palms. With that fist, she banged on the door.

“You can’t do this! You pig, you thoughtless perverted pig give me back my scepter!” When it was apparent her banging and shouting was doing nothing, Jade stomped her foot and crossed her arms over her bulging cleavage. She twisted around her long skirt dancing angrily with her.

What the hell was she going to do without her power?  Now she was as vulnerable as an otherworlder, human.  She shivered.  One problem the witches would never had to deal with.  They had natural born powers.  Painstakingly she retraced her steps, her mind whirling.  Lots of voices made her pause as she rounded the corner.

The ballroom doors were open and out piled many crystals.  She jerked to a stop and hid behind a pillar in the corner of the hall.  After a minute or two, she peeked seeing the Dalien Four had made their way further down the hall.

Jade quietly joined the outpouring crowd, trying to blend in.  She nearly ran into Cevasteian Marx leaving the great ballroom.  They both paused and she gave a little smile, while he tried but failed.

“Upset you won’t be competing with me in the Sorcerer Rivalry?” She teased.

He gave a grave shake of his head. “They promise me jewels and more for me and my family. I don’t need the contest.”

“Which will surely go away if the Sorcerer faction does not win the Fate’s duel.” He finished grim.

“They think they will want a duel?” Jade gasped.

“Why else would the Fates select a chosen one from each of the major factions?”


They lapsed into silence, lost in thought.  Her own thoughts were flled with jealousy.

It wasn’t fair, Marx had it made.  While she was stuck without her scepter to practice for a contest she needed to win, he had been picked by the Fates as the chosen one. Her jewels and money would have to be earned, his given freely. Why Cevastiean?  Why not Jade?

“What?” Marx eyed her then his face gave a concerned frown at her expression.
She did not need his pity or for her to feel guilty so she walked away.

“What’s the matter Jade?” He fell into to her brisk step beside her.

“Why are you here, did something happen?” He switched tactics and when she wouldn’t’ stop, he gripped her arms and spun her around to face him.

She paused, looked him over wondering if he looked any different now that he was a Chosen One for Sorcerer Faction.  Same dirty blonde hair filled with soot and other explosive potion discard.  His pale skin didn’t glimmer from the sunbeams shinning down.  There was no halo resting atop his tall height.

Marx still wore those black rimmed glasses that she was dying to know what power they emitted.  Everything Cevastiean wore was a weapon.  Following the Sorcerer code to a tee.

He still had the same shifty look in his blue bloodshot eyes and he that same grim frown.  The only difference was what he wore. Expensive jewel beading were stitched into the black silk robe, from the looks of the purple jewels they were amethyst. Really expensive stones used for protection. Stones she could only wish to acquire. Her ire rose.

“Oh nothing, just that I will have no power until the morrow.” She rolled her eyes.

“And I don’t want to talk about it.” Jade snapped at his open mouth.

They walked together in silence.  Outside the building Brix waited for her. When he saw that she was near he ran to her, purring excitedly.  She bent down to pick up her bright blue eyed Siamese cat.

“Cevastiean, we need to come up with a plan.  Have you seen Rylan?” Both Jade and Cevastiean turned toward the speaker.  Demon.  Jade noted his red eyes.

“See you later Jade, duty calls.” Cevastiean said in a grim tone.


“Here take these.” Cevastiean turned back and handed her blue liquid filled vials.  She had to shift Brix to her hip to put the vials inside her skirt pocket.  Brix scratched and thrashed at the new position until Jade had to place him on the ground.  He wasted no time running off.  Jade didn’t follow, he’ll be back when he was ready.

“They will come in handy if you don’t make it home before the red moon rises.” Cevastiean look to the soon to be darkening sky made Jade glance upward too.

She could see the sun slowly disappearing taking the some colorful mists with it.  She had a few hours before the sky darkened fully and a couple hours more after the sky darkened, before the red moon loomed above.  When Jade focused back down she noted Marx had disappeared into the throng of sorcerers and sorceress who hurried along, rushing to get home or finish their daily chores.

She had no choice but to go home with the coming red moon.  However, she didn’t want to move too far from the capital.  They had her scepter.

Luckily, she didn’t live too far from the capital just a hop skip and jump to Devrren. She would make the trip, powerless adding a minute or four to this journey home.

Jade began moving with dispersing crowd, down the paved streets of Katoikía Mageías. She didn’t know what was worse being powerless or being sent to Sorcane.

Like the Wiccan’s they have good and bad Sorcerers.  Though, Sorcerers good or bad found a way to live in peace together, with the rogue sorcerers being shipped to Sorcane. Unlike the witches.  Once a uniformed territory of witches, now spilt down each side of the Eastern Mainland crystals encasing The Temptresses, the groups of deadly female crystal faction’s like the sirens, furies, and harpies.

The dark witch twin Kamila ruled over the territory bordering the Southern and Eastern Mainland, somewhat allies to sorcerers.  Aisha the light twin ruled over the witches in the middle of the Northern and Southern Mainland.  There were no truces between the twins and if the split hadn’t caused the witches to drop in power, Jade was sure they would be at war.

And the reason Jade wouldn’t want to be a witch even though she sometimes wished it.

The Sorcerers have more order, or so they liked to think, because of Sorcane and the Sorcerers Council.  Other crystals refer to Sorcerer Territory as the Controlled Evil. Sorcerers weren’t as powerful as their neighboring factions, the Demons and Vampires, but they were just a bit too chaotic in harnessing that strength to war against.

Jade still had a little time before night fall and the rise of the red moon.  She would just have to build another scepter and scourge for power to fill it.

Once she arrived in Devrren she made a stop at the treasure yard.  Along the way, Brix showed up from wherever he’d been and followed her.

Things that were thrown away or missing usually ended up here in a deep pile of what Jade liked to call, treasure.  The land was big and had many places to hide, which made it stupid to be here when it was hours from the red moon.  Jade had no choice though, she needed protection from the red moon’s ghouls, which were far more deadly than the normal ghouls.

Unlike Cevasteian she didn’t waste a lot of her time on potions like she should have.  Time to make another scepter.  She hiked up her skirt and began.

Hours passed while Jade spent time scouring and collecting the little bits of power into an old broken crystal ball she found and Brix busied himself somewhere else. So immersed in her work, she didn’t see the fog rolling in until it was too late.  Even at Brix’s sudden appearance at her side to warn her, she would have felt the cold shackles of the spirit fog.  The red moon.

She tried to jerk to a stand but a cold, soft like feather but tangible hand, held on.  Her green eyes snapped down and locked eyes with the black orbs of the ghoul in front of her.  This being the first she had an up close and personal look at the red moon’s ghouls, Jade froze.

Halloween ghoul with shadows on the ceiling

Brix hiss, snapped her from her unwise moment of fright.  She reached in the pockets of her skirt and grabbed one of the vials Cevasteian had given her.

The dead ghoul surrounded Jade and she could feel the power easing from her weapons.  Power she worked hard to find.  Thinking quickly and fighting past the fog, she clutched the vial in her hand a second before she fired it at the ghoul.

A bright beam of light shot from where the vial exploded.  Jade had to choose whether to cover her ears from the ghoul’s loud shrieks or her eyes from the blinding light.  Simply closing her eyes did not help or diminish the pain from the intense light so saving her eyes seemed like the appropriate choice.

She uncovered her eyes when the light vanished and she could hear no more screams.  But the smell….she covered her nose over the smell of ash and death.  She gathered her supplies with her free hand and ran the rest of the way home cursing the Sorcerer Council with every step.




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And for the whole list of 31 Days of Magic.

This Week’s Prompts:

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