Channeling the Polar Bear

Annie Spratt. Unsplash.

We will be going on a polar bear-esque hibernation and if you didn’t know, polar bears don’t actually go into a deep hibernation.  Instead, polar bears enter into a walking hibernation state.  A state of walking around but using very low energy and reducing its metabolism.

Originally I wanted to go into a full hibernation mode from writing, managing The Madness Family socials and this blog but I didn’t like that idea.

The reason why: I have been pouring myself into a new business venture outside of writing and trying to finish my program I am in now.  I will also be involved in another big certificate program in the Spring.  So juggling three professions: writing, my day job, and my new business venture, and my own personal life felt like a lot and I was getting very overwhelmed.

October Madness fell incomplete and so had all my writing social media.  And I moved to another city so that added another factor to this.

But like I said I didn’t like the idea of a deep hibernation.  I felt like I was abandoning all the hard work I’ve been doing.  We’ve been having great successes this year.

So after my schedule shift at work allowing me to have three consecutive days off every other week, I feel I can manage this blog along with my new business venture.  Writing will come in third place.

Entering back into a hobby zone for now.  I will post when I feel the urge and have time.

The Instagram will go back to its theme but when I do not have a blog post for the week I will replace the photo with something else.  I’m still reading when I have time and will be updating you on that when I can.

Our goals have switched but we will not abandon you dear readers.  Thank you for continued support with these continued transitions and growth.

In other news, I received an email last night letting me know that Name Theif has been chosen to be published in America’s Emerging Writers book.  Originally we were chosen to just be included in the Texas version but we’ve made it to representing the nation with our writing.

Name Thief Final

I’m excited and will keep you updated when this version goes live.

I have a few posts that I wanted to get up for October Madness that I didn’t get to share so those will be posted throughout the rest of the year.


Be well and thank you for reading.


Scribe Sig




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  1. Congratulations!!!! And I don’t doubt you’ll still be coming up with some great creative stuff no matter what place writing comes. Its engraved in you forever xoxo

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