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Today, I was going on a hunt for creative writing exercises and I found this website that provided me with a fun exercise.  It’s called Ten Minute Writing Exercise by Grace Jolliffe


It’s an exercise that is broken up into ten topics with questions that you’re supposed to answer quickly in ten minutes.  So I set a timer and got to work answering the questions.   Below are my favorite answers to the questions.


1. Why did Peter lose his temper with Joanna

He lost his temper because he thought she was carrying his baby

2. Where did he go after he stormed out?

He went to the bar for a couple drinks.

3. What happened to him when he got there?

Peter broke up a fight and felt depleted from having to take care of his drunk friend.


1. What building can you see Rose leaving?

I can see Rose leaving a jewelry shop.

2. What is she wearing?

She is wearing a blue polka dot sundress.

3. Where is she going?

She is going to meet with her financial advisor so she can discuss getting the things she feels she deserves.


1. Why is Ian finding it difficult to steer the car?

Because his fiancé is unbuckling his pants

2. Where is he going?

He is driving to the rehearsal dinner

3. Who is there?

His fiancé family and a few of his and their friends.


1. Who closes the window?

The killer

2. Why?

Because he only needed to know it went up

3. How old are they?



I love how quick and how out of my critical head it made me.  I had fun thinking about this.  Ms. Jolliffe also has a book out called Practical Creative Exercises that I am thinking about getting.

If you want to do the full exercise be sure to click the link above and have fun. Back to writing, see you next time.


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  1. I am excited to do this exercise myself lol I enjoyed reading your answers. I can see some of Fifty Shades rubbed off on you (as I mentally answered those same questions my mind did the same) lol #Seesters

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