Camp Chronicles- Week One

Camp ChroniclesWe have finished our first week at camp and are two days into the second week.  It has been a whirlwind of chaos.  The Madness family have been more social than I and have taken to the Camp.  I, on the other hand, was having trouble.

When we arrived Muse and I had no clue where to start on this novel.  We had not developed any concrete things about this novel beforehand. Not a name on the characters or where they were located besides a general area.  Nothing.

We only knew the voice and thoughts of the villain and some sporadic thoughts of the main character.  This was very challenging when we had to write 834 words a day.  So we settled with using pronouns and immersing ourselves into the NaNoWriMo Sprints.

We were able for the first couple of days to make our word count and also keep coming up with ideas for this novel.

This novel has taken us on a ride and split itself into two different endings and scenarios.  Two different motivations and then two different POV’s to consider.  Lots of options and no decision making.  Thus when we hit a wall of frustration, anger, fear, and confusion aka writer’s block, it was no surprise.  Our word count dwindled. I fell off and felt overwhelmed.

Also because of the wall, it had blocked out Viktor and the other Madness family.  We all separated and couldn’t find each other for about a day or two…or three.  I was worried about the Madness family running wild at camp but I figured it’ll make for some good campfire stories when we met up again.  They’d be fine and yeah, maybe cause a few problems but fine nevertheless.

Now, we are reunited and I’ve moved a little past the wall and back into my writing cave.  Muse has been near and working very tirelessly to give me inspiration and support to keep going. The goal is to not give up.  Make it through April.

I’m ready to continue.  Let’s do this.


Scribe SigMuse Signiture 2

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  1. No pressure, all you keep doing is whatever you have in you to do and when there is nothing (or no words left) thank God for what you did do and trust Him with what He will continue to do for you. I know once April hits through all the topsy turvies you will come out on top of this and hopefully with a story that will take off past camp writingxoxo

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