Behind the Madness- Camp Prep

Photo by Ryan Searle on Unsplash

Location: Scribe’s Throne, Belly of the Beast, Creativity Forest.

Mission: Camp Prep

“Ms. Scribe, this is not how I expected to find you,” Viktor said in a critical voice I was used to hearing.

He was worse than Muse who often understood and had patience.  He stood in front of me, his clinging mists made goosebumps break out on my skin.

“The faeries will be done in a minute.” I said and closed my eyes.

I could feel their tiny magickal fingers sweep through my hair. As one faery finished each braid another faery added three gold encrusted jewels down the braid.  With this teamwork, the braids were finished in half the time I’d imagined.

When they finished they buzz around my head admiring their work.





Then they whirled around the braids and started to gather them up.

“No thank you, please.” I shook my head and winced.

“Thank you.” I give them a smile and wave.  They took off through the forest to the gift of fruit I left for them.

“Any day now, it’s not like we have a pressing event to attend.”

Viktor’s words would have caused me guilt but the reason I called this meeting now was to get things going.

“I am yours now.” I situated myself comfortably in the royal blue cushions of the throne.  My journals appear in my hand and a pen.

“Are we almost ready for camp?” I asked mostly pertaining to the blog and other social sites.

I knew that Muse had been working hard to work with this novel and give me glimpses on the villain of the story.  I had been drowned in dreams and my thoughts overrun by his thoughts.  I just needed to sit down and plan.

“Not in the slightest.” Viktor’s mists spread to reveal a notepad.

“I have ideas on three of the posts for April but we need two more.”

“Some of the Madness family have volunteered to join us at Camp and provide help with their stories but we need to pick who comes.”

“What do we got?” I asked while I posed my hand over the page in my journal.
“The usual psychopaths, demons, dragons, and some witches.”

“No werewolves this time?” I wrote while I teased.

The werewolves and Viktor were not happy with each other for some reason.  They would not get close to him.  I had to do the cajoling.  Viktor was silent and I’m sure glaring at me if I could see through the black mists around his face.

“Okay.  That’s good we’ll need them for the project on Instagram mainly.” I continued on.

Viktor’s pen seemed to float but scribbled as fast as I did.

“Take the psychopaths who volunteered.  We need more research on them.”  I said then stopped writing and tapped the pen on my chin.  I wanted to make sure we covered everything.

“Muse will be busy helping me create graphics to use for these posts and ideas.” I made another section just for Muse to give to her later.  She was busy making the door and home for this new novel.

I sat up straighter as an idea came in. “Also, once I get a good picture of the setting and characters I’ll send you a list of the research items you and the Collector can go over together.”

“Okay,” Viktor said in a bored voice.

“You don’t seem as excited.”

“The idea of camping with other scribes and their character families is not my idea of fun.”  Viktor stood.

I rolled my eyes and closed my journal. “Oh, you’ll get over it sooner or later when you find a victim to gain information from.”

“Until then Ms. Scribe,” He bowed then disappeared avoiding answering.

We had a lot to do and thankfully the time to do so.  I couldn’t wait.


Scribe SigViktor


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