Writerly Research: Angels Part One of Three

Writerly ResearchLocation: Library of Abriel, Moorburg, Creativity Forest.

Hello and welcome my readers on this lovely Fourth of July.  We are here to announce and share a new segment begins on this blog called Writerly Research. In this segment, I, Scribe, will be working with The Collector and Viktor researching things/creatures/fantasy worlds/magick and more.

We invite you into our gorgeous five-story library, The Library of Abriel and present to you today our first research topic.

Today’s Writerly Research is all about angels.  Take a seat.  My sources are listed at the end.  Let’s get into this.

I’ve always had a fascination with angels and I’ve read fiction books about them.  The more I thought about them, I realized I didn’t really know that much about angels.

So I had a few questions coming into this: What are angels?  What are the different types of angels and their hierarchy? Are there guardian angels?

What are angels?

Often described as “God created spirits messengers”, Angels have existed since the beginning of time and live in the spiritual realm.  In one source they are called the firstborn of all creation.

Each Angel has a distinct personality, name, and have the right to free will. Though they are subject to the will of God. Humans cannot die and become angels and angels are not human.  There are different ranks of angels which leads us to our next question,

The hierarchy of angels?

I was doing a powerful protection prayer on Youtube and found this one and they listed ranks that I had never heard of.  Some I did know like the Cherubim and the Archangels but the rest was unknown to me.

Thus ignited the search:

First choir/sphere/hierarchy

Seraphim sometimes referred to as ‘fiery serpents’ and has been said Seraphim are the most divine creatures, highest order of choir. They are directly united to God and direct caretakers of the Throne of God.

What’s interesting is that they are not the prettiest as they are described with six wings and four heads.  However, one source said they ‘bear a general resemblance to the human figure in some aspects.’ but with multiple heads and wings.

Cherubim- Now the Cherubim I have heard of and have seen ‘images’ depicted of them of chubby babies. So cute. Who knows if this is true though.

What I’ve researched is that their name signifies ‘fullness of knowledge’ and they were the chariot of God and now angels.  In one source they are said to be the ones who guard the Garden of Eden against man and have been mentioned with Solomon and Moses.

Thrones-  They have said the Thrones are the lesser known but very important. The word justice has been mentioned in two of the three sources, while the other source says they are pure Humility, Peace, and Submission.

The Thrones are the angels the lower choirs have to go through to access God.

Second choir/sphere/hierarchy

Dominions-These spirits regulate the duties of the other lower choirs of angels. It is said they preceded over nations and occasionally make themselves known to man. They are often what people describe as angels. A human with long wings but are distinguished by the orbs of light on the heads of their scepters or swords.

Virtues- Considered symbols of divine strength and the Spirits of Motion.  They govern nature.  It is stated that they ‘supervise the movements of the heavenly bodies in order to ensure that the cosmos remains in order’

Powers-  These are the Warrior Angels that defend against evil. They also work to evenly distribute power among humans.

Third choir/sphere/hierarchy

Principalities-  They carry out order from the Dominions and they help inspire ideas in the art and sciences.  One interesting thing that came up from one of the sources was that they are now ‘quite hostile to God and human beings’ due to human sin.

Archangels We will go over separately in part two and three.

And finially

Angels- They are the closet to the mundane world and human.  They fill the gap between humans and God. They hear and deliver prayers to God and God’s responses back to humans.  They are said to be the most caring and helpful to those who ask for help.  These are the most properly named by humans because they are directly in contact with humans.

Are there guardian angels?

I’ve looked at many sites and they all state that it does not state anywhere in the bible that we each have a specific angel guarding us, just that they are servants of God.  God who then can command them tasks involving a specific person but they are not tasked to watch over an individual person at birth.

This concludes part one of the angel Writerly Research, in the next two parts, we will go over the Four Archangels.  The first two will be Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel.





Hierarchy: http://angels-angelology.com/hierarchy-and-orders



Guardian Angels:




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  1. I enjoyed all this new knowledge about angels, in beautiful creatures remember that book or movie we loved her mother was named Serafin (seraphim) but in this case she was a good spirit turned dark. I wonder if that has any significance?

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