There begins a time where you just don’t care.  Unplug me.  Free me.  Freedom becomes me.  26 here we go. Thank you all for being here and supporting this scribe.



Baby, I’m sick inside

I’m definitely out of my mind

I know there’s something not quite right

Disconnect – system override


You’re so brave from your side of the glass

and you-you can’t compute – you can’t do the math

and you’re – you’re playing god with your remote control

But I – already know that there’s a flaw in my code

and the the truth is you silently study me –

and there – are consequences that you cannot see

and you ask yourself how did I unplug,

but the simple truth is that I just don’t give a fuck.


  I don’t care


You say you’re the cure

but I smell your disease

I’ve figured you out like a rat in a cage.


So come in –  tie me down –  try and reprogram me

please run your tests –  tell me how I am malfunctioning

you cut me up sew me back together one more time

I’m not in sync, data breach – can’t bring me back online


You start to panic when you realize –

you try to shut me down when you look in my eyes

no matter how you try and rewire me

or psychoanalyze my psychology


I don’t care

I don’t care

I don’t care

Baby, I don’t care

I don’t care


You say you’re the cure but I smell your disease,

I’ve figured you out like a rat in a cage.


You put away your needles and knives.

Tell me do you feel satisfied?

Did you get what you came here for?

I can tell you still want more.


Did you get everything you need?

Are you finished watching me bleed?

Did you think you could just walk away?

Did you think I’d just let you leave?

Maybe you didn’t think I would know

Maybe you didn’t think I would see

cause I’ll never give what you want

I learned the truth a long time ago

I would die before I


Baby, I don’t care

I don’t care


Don’t tell me you’re pure as you spread like a plague

I’ve figured it out you’re the rat

Rat in the Cage


Lyrics were written by Chris Howorth, Kevin Churko & Maria Brink.  Owned by In This Moment.


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