A Peek Inside: A KMM Fever

A Peek Inside
A peek inside is a new posting I’m starting to spread a little love and light and inspiration whenever I run across an inspiring interview.

Want to catch the Fever? Want to ride the wave through a very magical and deadly urban fantasy?  Want to know who is the supplier of all your Feverish demands?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve followed me on Goodreads for this Mad Read-a-Thon then you know my first book to finish will be Feverborn by Karen M Moning (KMM).  It is the eighth book in the Fever series and I am thoroughly enjoying the book.  For the Read-a-Thon I decided to go looking for author interviews with KMM and I found with answers to questions that gave me a peek into the wonderful KMM’s mind.

The first one I found from the blog A Romance Review and it’s a dated interview but nevertheless, I loved KMM’s answer to where she get’s her ideas:

Everywhere. In the wind on my bare skin. In a sexy man. In the dark when I’m afraid of what probably isn’t but might be. In a movie that ends badly and should have ended another way. In a book that leaves me wanting more.

Read the rest of the interview here.

And the reason I love this answer is because if you’ve read this series you know how spicy it can be, especially with Barrons and the rest of the nine.  So her answer shows the alluring side of her that I enjoy reading.

The interview is based on her previous series the Highlanders before the Fever Series were written or published but it was still a really good interview.


Since the first interview, I found was before the fever series I went hunting for a current interview.  Here’s an interview that she did with Goodreads about ICED which is the second half of the series more about the character Dani.

Part my favorite answer to the question of her writing routine is:

…I never have an expected word count, and I don’t write to outline. At all times I know exactly where the overall story arc is going, but sometimes it surprises even me how it gets there. Which is good. I have a theory: If the writer is bored, the reader will be, too. If the writer is having a blast, and is 100 percent invested in and committed to his or her fictional world, the reader will be, too.

Read the in-depth answer here.

I love reading about her writing routine and it helps me get out of my head a little about stressing over the plot and how well/perfect it will be.

A Very Mad Read-a-Thon continues through the year and beyond. I have one more book, Feversong, to finish this part of the Fever Series and I’m hoping to do that during this Read-a-Thon.

How’s your reading going?


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