Let’s Talk: Annabelle Creation


Let’s talk about Annabelle Creation, the prequel to Annabelle.  Here we are meant to learn the backstory on how it became to be the doll of nightmares.  It’s been a year of waiting and now it’s finally here.  Annabelle Creation is finally here.

Sunday I went to see this movie and I arrived with lots of hope.  Hope that this movie would live up to my expectations.  The list below will be vague in a sense so not to include spoilers.

Here’s what I enjoyed in Annabelle:

  • Clues on top of clues and trying to figure out where they will be used when the camera swings this way or tells us about a seemingly insignificant thing.
  • Great heart pumping scenes
  • Some predictability but very good imitations from horror films that just make a horror movie, a horror movie.
  • Great unpredictable moments
  • The voice…that voice. It’ll haunt me and I couldn’t cover my ears fast enough.  Was not expecting it.
  • An interactive movie that you just needed to talk to the screen but it wasn’t frustrating like now you’re just being dumb.
  • I didn’t expect it to be taken that far as it did.  Stretched my suspension of disbelief without breaking it.
  • Was not like the first one.  This one was a horror movie.  It didn’t have to hold to the same realistic beliefs as the first did as this one was not based on a true story (or I don’t think it was) So the creativeness was driven up a notch.  They could tell it their way and push it a little further.
  • Gave anticipation to take the story further with more movies and mischiefs Annabelle will continue.
  • A great prequel I nearly squealed when it was brought full circle with the first Annabelle.

My reaction: “I remember this and OMG that’s what freaking happened.”

Nostalgia sweet, sweet nostalgia.  Warmed my horror fed heart.  Now, with all that sweetness I was still jumpy from the voice and so like everyone else who leaves a horror film with goosebumps down their arms and hairs standing on end, I listened to K-Love on the way back home.

Following the lead of the Collector, I place these memories in a quarantined cell and only go to them when I need to.

Thank you, Annabelle, for being so good.


Ps. Do you like the new layout of the blog?


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