Interview Not with a Vampire

Well…well look who decided to drag herself back into the picture for abandoning me for days.  Thanks by the way.  All the hard work I spent waking her up for you to just leave and then come back and flip the tables on us.

As payback aka punishment Quanisha, you have been summoned to my interview dungeon.

Welcome to my dungeon my sweet scribe, let us start.  

Q: You did not tell me this was going to be a dungeon.  I think the spider webs are overkill. And would it kill you to light a few more torches.

And the rope-What? Don’t give me that look Viktor.  Okay, I’ll be quiet.

V: (clears throat)  I know that all Madness family will enjoy turning tables onto our scribe with some questions. The topic is over course Love, more specifically romance.

Q: Before we start, I have a few conditions.  *Tries to Slides paper*

Ahem if you could reach that paper.

V: What the hell is this? Do Not Ask List.  Oh, really smart and unfortunate but we will continue.

V: What do you look for in romance fiction?

Q: I’ve never been a typical romance reader. I stray away from reality romance and go for the mob boss or werewolf or con artist. Something with action.

V: I can tell from the creatures that reside here. What’s your favorite sub-genre of romance?

Q: Paranormal romance is actually a favorite of mine. 

V: Oh yes those pesky vampires that you love.  Favorite PR author?

Q: That’s a toughie but the first love has to go to Gena Showalter and her Lords of the Underworld series. Maddox and Aeron *swoon*

V: Don’t sway too hard Scribe, that chair is not made for wiggling. Favorite novel?

Q: I love Rivermarked by Patricia Briggs.  Mercy and Adam are the most loving kick ass couple. 

V: Do you consider yourself a romance writer? Why or why not?

Q: Lately. No. But I have been dabbling in a little romance here and there. I don’t feel the pull to that genre yet.

V: How difficult is this genre to write about? I ask because you’ve hidden away from our Queen as of late.

Q: Viktor the all knowing. Yes, it has been difficult writing about love because the emotions involved. I have to tap deep into my feelings box to do it. I am not as comfortable with that as most.

V: Ah, ha, interesting.  Hmm…Now for my final question.  Have you ever been in Love? 

What? Don’t give me that look.  

Q: You know why I’m giving you that look.

V: Ah to hell with that pesky Do Not Ask list.


V: Still not going to answer me…Fine.  I’ll shoot you one you’ll enjoy.  What romantic song are you listening to?

Q: Right now it’s been “Say You Love Me.” by Jessie Ware.

V: That’s what’s been running through the forest, I couldn’t quite put a name to it.  *Clap hands* Well done. This concludes your punishment.  I hope our readers enjoyed this.

Q: Thank you.  Now untie me Viktor before I write you into a romance fiction.

V: As if you could Ms. Scribe.


Speak with Light.

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