31 Days…Day Nineteen

31 dayz orignal


Day Nineteen: Write an Obituary for a Historical Figure.



You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you!

The quote made me pause.  Tempted, I read it again, slowly absorbing each word as one would enjoy the taste of chocolate.
Eyes wide I proclaimed, “This!”

This was what I needed to read. I dropped the pen and clutched my journal close. I felt like I had been tamed by society’s expectations. I was a college student with no idea about her future and I felt forced to pick something amazing to do. Some career that would show off some of my scholarship earned smarts. I felt confined to the behavior of adulthood even though I was just twenty-one.

These were supposed to be my wild years, my irresponsible years and I was wasting them by living a tame life. And I shouldn’t and I wouldn’t, not anymore. I released the scripted journal.

Don’t let them tame you!

“Don’t you worry,” I patted the quoted paper. “I won’t let them, not anymore.”

I needed my fire back alongside my responsibility. There had to be a balance between the two. A balance between these stacks of assignments and the bottle of hidden vodka.

I had an assignment to write an obituary about an historical figure and I wanted her. Isadora Duncan. Who knew I would find it in the beginning of my journal entry. I jumped out of my bed and ran to my desk. I needed to know more.

Once the room quit spinning from my jolt up, I readied myself on the keyboard. Google search led me further into the life of my inspiration. She was a dancer, of course, I shook my head with a smile on my face.

“What’s more freeing than dancing?” I asked my room.

For a few minutes I endured the longing that Isadora Duncan presented in my heart. Reading of her life, besides the unfortunate accident that caused her death, made me want to get up and do something.

“Screw tame, get ready world for a brand new me…right after this paper is finished.”



Next Tuesday, a combination of Day Twenty and Twenty One.

Wk 3 Prompts


Quanisha A. McGruder

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