Vision Writing


Vision Write

Even when I’m not writing, I vision write, or daydream and dream. I see things in my head play out in my dreams day or night. They come in forms of really dramatic movie clips inside my head or if I’m sleeping, they are longer drawn out dramatic clips.
I love learning about anything and everything which is why I have weird ‘visions’. I’m like a sponge that absorbs everything and have constant questions running through my head, which is why my friends call me random because one will just come spitting out at awkward times.
Now when my birthday was around the corner I became (and still am) a little sugar hopped excited on astrology signs. Not overtly so, I don’t obsess over each daily horoscope. I read my horoscope and I take it as a little boost to remind myself to have a good day and I liked reading about my sign. And for fun one day I looked up compatibility signs and then tried to match them to my crushes.
So then this thought of what if people shaped their life around this compatibility, like obsessively, swirled around in my head for some time.
Walking through the mall one day gave me time to wander, to daydream. One thing that gave me pause was that I was wearing a Pisces shirt, proudly displaying my sign. Then that thought from before twisted in an entirely different situation. What if someone saw I was their sign compatibility not just any person, a crazy psychotic person, would I get kidnapped? Bundled and stuffed in the back of the infamous white van? What if I wasn’t their match? What if this crazy, psychotic person despised my sign?
That was all it took and my vision took off and here’s what I saw:

Don’t be fooled by a sudden new interest, Leo. We all may wish for love at first sight but today is not one of those times. Get rid of this attraction or be prepared to reap what you sow.

The radio played softly adding to the hum of the ceiling fan. Even with all the windows cracked open upstairs heat and dust still permeated the basement. The newspaper in his hands crinkled as he reread the predication. He shook his head, rolled his shoulders back then studied the article again.
“Four stars. I’m destined to have a good day.” A smile cracked the nearly healed busted lip.
“Compatibility signs.” He sighed and settled back in his chair.
“Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra.” He slammed his fist onto the desk and threw the paper down. A whimper rose from in front of him. His head shot up and his fist tightened as he looked over the bound girl in the corner.
Big doe eyes, cherub facial features. Small, delicate, dainty. Weak. “That’s why we don’t get along.” He told her sitting straight in the chair.
“You’re a Pisces.” He picked up the knife and watched her eyes grow bigger.


I think I surprised myself with this scene that played through my head. Do you ever vision write?

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