Christmas Madness

Christmas Madness is a shorty collection of five deadly Christmas stories from character spirits from our Madness family.  I had so much fun creating these and playing with the titles and balancing the Light and Dark.



The hunger…I can’t stop thinking about her flesh. Can’t stop thinking about blood running down her soft tan skin. About her soft fiery red hair sweeping back and forth, like a bulls eye. I’m so hungry. My stomach growls in agreement. I don’t want to wait any longer.

Finally, he gives the whistle and I spring into action. I am not wary of how short of a time we have together, so I began to play with her. She’s easy to spot in the white snow with her merry green dress. I watch her try to run away in so high of a heel and she nearly stumbles. It makes me laugh or I would laugh if I were in my human skin.

I race down the slope and keep pace with her. I choose the many evergreens to hide behind. Even with the white, white snow, my auburn pelt falls into the background of the same colored bark.

Occasionally, though, I make a point to step on a branch, growl or step out of hiding, and her sweet screams make my whole body shake. Drool drips down and I lick my chops. Her scent of fear is a trigger to my adrenaline. I bound down the snowy hill and surrender another growl.

“Enough,” I stop mid-step and glance behind me at silver eyes.

“Stop playing with your food.” He chides. I shrink away from his tone with a whine and drop my eyes.

“Finish her, we have other business to attend to.” My alpha states.

My nose touches the ground in submission before I raise.

Somehow my prey has disappeared. Where are thou? Through the wind blowing by my ears, there is a sharp cry. I dart left.

She stares at me and we are now in a face off. She has nowhere to go but forward or over the edge of the mountain.

“Please don’t do this!” She shakes furiously.

I give her my best predator grin, the only clue before attacking. I went through a series of jump, attack, back away. She wasn’t much of a fighter but a little practice never hurt anyone.

I pretend she has made a wide swipe at me and duck away. Quickly, I raised and grabbed hold of her wrist and twisted bring the rest of her body with me. She lays there on her back, barely breathing.

“Please.” She manages to say. I circle around her. Death is soon to arrive after a little more play.

Someone flies past me taking away my death blow, by instinct I attach protecting my gift. Power flows through my jaws from where I bit, immediately I drop my hold on my alphas hand. I run back relinquishing my gift. I am not fast enough, though. His canines puncture my nose then he releases me. Belly down in the snow I quake. A few seconds pass in dead silence.

“I have asked you to hurry.” He said and I whimper in response.

Sorry. Sorry.

“Get up and finish eating pup.” I feel his energy drop and when I glance up he is gone from my sight. Though I can still feel him nearby, I don’t look for him. Instead, I take in my dead.

Must not waste this meal. I walk up to my gift and began to unwrap her to me. Pretty, so pretty. Let the feast began.

Growls of pleasure carry through the quiet forest. I can’t keep quiet. I love meat straight from the flesh. They try to keep us a secret from humans and give us rules, rules my alpha have to dole out. I never do care for rules and on special occasions neither does my alpha.
I save her bones for last. Her bones are to be my dessert. When the bones snap, a burst of flavor warmed my mouth. I ate and ate.

Thank God for Christmas. Santa has finally deemed me nice for a change. The reward for a year of pleasantries settled nicely in the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t wait until next Christmas.


T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house
Shouts of screams threatened to burst the windows of the Wiccan South.

“I can’t believe you!” Wren of onyx eyes screamed. A stream of bright light flew from her hands into the direction of Lux, her Wiccan sister, who was crouched over laughing. Lux moved at the last minute still chuckling. …This made Wren face redder and she screeched again.

“You’re hundreds old, you couldn’t possibly still believe.” Lux shook her head at the blonde witch.

Wren used most of her anger into the palms of her hand, then flicked her fingers towards Lux. Lux side-stepped the power but Wren anticipated the move. She was quick to send the second stream right into Lux. The blast catapulted Lux high into the ceiling, then she was falling. Wren was not done yet and sent another blast of power straight into the chest of Lux sending her right. Lux’s body slammed into the wall and she crumbled to the ground.

Towering over her friend now enemy Wren proclaimed,
“Santa is real and you’ll pay heavily for that lie.”

So as the clocked ticked down to twelve
Wren decorated the coven while whistling jingle bells.
Finished, she slept in the chair by the door
Tired from her very colorful chore.

Jolly and red, Santa arrived full of delight
Just as the bell rang for midnight
Shocked he turned in a circle to see
Intestines and other organs hung up on the tree.

“Dear Lord,” Santa gasped out dropping his heavy bag. He couldn’t believe what he saw, that a heart was placed at the top of the smelly tree.

“Do you like it?” Wren whispered startling the old man.

“Chi..child, what have you done?”

Wren shrugged flipping her head in the direction of Lux’s nearly empty body.

Finding his composure, he waggled a finger at Wren and said, “This is not very nice” He took out a list from his pocket.

“Now I’ll have to mark you naughty and you will get no such gifts from me.”

Wren’s eyes darkened and Santa took a step towards the door. The silence that glazed over the room was broken by the tapping of Wren’s dark fingernails on the sofa arm. Then she jumped up and crossed the room in a flash.

“Now, now let’s not do something rash. How about we sit and discuss this.” Wren wiped her bloody hands down her pants before ushering Santa to the sofa.

“Won’t you stay for tea?”



She woke every day at 4 AM and prayed for the humanity loss in the world.
She woke every day at 4 AM with fear in her heart and a resolution to do more.
She woke every day at 4 AM with her body shaking from her cries to God.
All hope is not lost.
She prayed for her life’s work to be finished and tonight, it shall be done.
I shall fear no evil for art thou with me; thy rod an…d thy staff comfort me.
And at 5 AM she finally rested, ready for the battle against evil.
At 8 AM she went downstairs and approached her makeshift cage.
“Wake up!” She shook the bars.
He humbled towards the bars. His eyes sealed shut, a big infected cut on his lip, and without looking at his fingers she knew each one was broken. A job she did herself. Now it was time to finish the job.
“This is to be Gods will. A sacrifice in his name. It is Christmas.”
A cheater must be punished.



Soundlessly, she slept with the moon basking on her pale skin and the sheets thrown off of her in a fitful sleep.
Her attire. Dear Lord, her choice of sleep clothing were little black shorts and a lace sleepshirt.

Hidden in the closet, Maxim ran a hot hand down his heating face.

Anticipation threw him from the closet. Carefully he approached her while digging in his pocket. He pulled out a vial of white contents just as he neared her bed.

For a moment he stared. Maxim sighed and touched her soft mane of hair then down her face until he reached her lips.

Softly he wiggled her plump lips apart and with one hand he uncorked the vial. He poured the concoction down her throat then stepped back.

She awoke coughing and swiping at her curtain of black tresses. He slowly stepped into her view, still hesitant.

“Who are you?” She asked with only a level of interest glowing in her baby blue eyes.

“Your own personal Santa.”Maxim smiled.

She smiled back and his smile grew wider. The witches brew was working. He boldly sat on the edge of her bed. Maxim wasn’t sure she even processed her body inching closer to him.

“Here to grant you all your unspoken wishes” he stood and her eyes caressed every inch of him. He licked his fangs.
He could smell her arousal. Sweet heaven. He could wait no longer.

She swayed toward him once he got rid of his shirt. Maxim reveled in her appraisal. He took a longer time to undress his lower half, feeding her gaze.

Finished, Maxim approached the side of the bed. She shot to her knees and crawled to the edge of her big bed. He placed his hands onto her lithe shoulders and breathed in her scent.

Her scent, intoxicating. Her pulse beat, strong. She would do perfectly.

“What do you wish?” Maxim whispered, swimming in her eyes.

“A kiss.” Her sweet voice answered just as quietly.

He complied pressing his lips against hers. As the kiss deepened his arousal flushed through his aching body. He became drunk on her kisses but he wanted more.

“Undress” he commanded and backed away to watch her.

She licked her swollen lips once, twice before moving to the buttons on her shirt.

Maxim’s tightened his fist behind his back determined to watch and not interfere. She took her time but it was worth every second to watch her skin become visible.

Blessedly, she was bare and breathtaking. Slow. Slow. Keep control. He backed away from her to take a cleansing breath.

Keep control Maxim. He repeated in his head.

Maxim moved above her onto the bed. He placed his shaking hands onto her thighs and dragged them up.

“What do you wish for now?”

“You” she held his face close to his and kissed him. Part of him wished she gained her compliance from her love, not a potion but this would do. He didn’t have time for relationship only relations of the body.

So for the next few minutes, he learned her body and played. Suckled, licked and kissed.

Play time over, he gazed down at her lust filled eyes. His arousal had reached a point of no return. He needed to be seated inside. So with more coaxing with his fingers, he removed his fingers and fulfilled his wish.

The heat. The pleasure. She let her head fall revealing her hammering pulse. He growled with the effort to try to look away. It didn’t work.

He wanted to strike.

After few more strokes, her back arched and he growled louder. She groaned and his fangs ached to pierce. He hungered. Taste. Taste. TASTE!

Just a taste, he promised himself as he neared her neck. Just a taste. Must prepare her. Maxim nuzzled her neck then planted a kiss just below her ear.

He gathered himself to a slow steady pace inside her, making her groan. While she was distracted, he licked her pulse then slowly began to pierce her.

A fog swept through him after each pull and pound forward. The fog surrounded his nerve endings and his gripped her hips harder. Her blood scorched his mind and all reasoning left.

He lifted her hips and the slow pace was forgotten. The sounds she made, made him delirious.

Fireworks burst behind his closed lids and his muffled shout of pleasure filled the room. Still, he never released her neck. The thirst only grew stronger. So he pulled and drank more.

When she begin to struggle underneath, he wrenched himself from her. One of the hardest things he’d ever done. Maxim took stock of why she struggled while trying to catch his breath.

He moved her damp hair from her face and nearly recoiled. Her eyes were wide, her heartbeat fast, and she was breathless.

“Damn it” he pounded his hands onto the bed.

He had taken too much. Maxim watched her face turn blue. He shook his head.

“Damn it!” He yelled again. Fear closed in her blue eyes and he knew what he had to do.

He approached her and took her weak head into his hands. Maxim made sure he had a good grip then quickly twisted her neck then let her limp body fall back onto the bed.

“Sorry.” He rubbed his hand down her cheek.
This was the third one. He needed to get his feeding minder control. As a Sargent Maxim did have control out on the battlefield, but pleasure had a drugging effect on him. He was helpless against it.

“Sorry sweets.” Maxim bent and kissed her cool lips. Regret was the only emotion he let himself feel. He moved from her and stood, dressing his sweaty body.

Now to dispose of the body. He dragged the axe from the closet and with a deep breath began to work.


This shorty was made by a guest author M. Sydnor Jr. He is the author of the Earth Legend Series.

I’ll leave an excerpt and the external link will take you to the rest of the story. Enjoy!

Little Timmy was first of his family to wake one snowy christmas morning. Before his little brother and sister, before his mother and father, even before the sun – he was wide eyes and hyper bones. He raced down the stairs, skipped two at a time and plopped his behind on the floor in front of the tree. He gathered all of his presents with his name or form of it – there were ten total; five from his parents, one from his uncle, two from his grandma and one from his cousin. The tenth one had no name on it, just a ‘to sticker’ to Timmy – a box perfectly wrapped. The wrapping paper texture was smooth and rich. So he figured he’d open it without his parents permish. “It’s not from them, they wouldn’t care.” He assumed how they’d take it and proceeded to unwrap the lovely box. He did it so gently, not because of the smooth paper, but because he didn’t want to awaken the in-house neighbors. The wrapper revealed a plain white box, nothing special like the wrapper. Nevertheless, he beheaded the box to a weather of feathers and down beneath the debris was a cross bow dart gun he’d wanted all year. “Oh Snap! Just what I wanted.” He screamed and boosted his butt from the ground with the crossbow in hand then a note fell on the ground. He picked up the note: for being a good boy all year, it read. He smiled so big and wasted no time to play with his new gear. He didn’t bother to change out of his pajama pants bottoms, he slipped and slid on the wood floors as he positioned himself for practice. He loaded the bow with a dart from the box, aimed it at the wall and pulled on the trigger. The dart flew from the hinges but thats not all that flew, the elastic metal wires broke free from the screws. The wire stretched towards his face and seemed to follow his jukes, and reached to his eyeball, and made a cut on his pupes. He fell to his knees and screamed for his “MAMA!” and blood dripped down from his cheeks to his pajama pants bottoms.



We hoped you enjoyed Christmas Madness as much as we did.

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