Welcome to the Carnival of Madness



With a grunt, you have landed in a bed of fall colored leaves and in an unknown forest.  Red and black butterflies fly into your vision and all around you.  You jump up and swipe at them but they only dodge your hits.

“Stop” a female voice whispers around the forest.

It stops you and the butterflies.  They leave and you are left finally taking in your environment.  Next to you is a throne with royal blue cushions and gold handles.  You wonder while rubbing your hip why you didn’t land on that.

The forest is vast and from looking at the expanse you feel like it goes on forever.  Is there anyone here? You wonder.

“Follow” the female voice once again echoes through the forest.

You start to wonder what she wanted you to follow when you hear it. Circus music sounds to the left of you and with a bit of hesitation, you follow.

The closer you get to the sound you can see a brightly colored circus tent.  You approach.  Dark circus music continues to play in the background as you enter the circus tent.

Movement ceases and you can see the spacious tent is crowded with creatures surrounding a stage.  Acrobats, animals, and different performers have the place in full swing with a nice sized crowd sitting around them until you showed up.  Now, it’s eerily quiet.

They all have different decorated white masks on.  Everyone’s head tilts to the side as they regard you.  You shakily hold up the flyer you have received in the mail inviting you to celebrate October Madness.  When they see the flyer their heads snap back to looking at something in the center of the stage.

You weave your way through the masses and notice that some ‘people’ you touch have scales.  Some of them have swords strapped to their backs.

In the middle, you see a man’s silhouette through dark shadowed fog around him. He has a very elegant decorated cane that lifts as if on its own.  Finally, a hand peeks from the shadows and his voice booms through the tent.

“Come in, come in reader

Don’t mind the bats

Faery dust, and howls.

We have been waiting for you, we have a special seat.”

A spotlight shows you to you seat front and center.  Through the silhouette of shadows you can see a smile and fangs, it gives you shivers.  Feeling the stares of the patrons back on you hurry to your seat.  Blessedly you feel better when the man continues speaking,

Welcome to the Carnival of Madness

I am your Ringmaster, Viktor the All-Knowing

Think of me as your guide, but not your protector.

I am the one who will lead you through this years October Madness

And later on, our Ringmistress will introduce herself

And these are some of the Madness family.

His hands sweep over the masked ‘people’ around you.

The Madness family is a family of character spirits that reside in the world of the Creativity Forest inside the mind of our author, Ms. Scribe.

You nod as you have heard of Ms. Scribe before, excitement rushes through your veins.

If you this is your first October Madness 

Welcome and good luck surviving.

We will be gifting you with heart palpitations, tickling your funny bone, and sparking your interest and inner witchiness.

The crowd around you erupts in cheers and howls.  It is so loud it feels like it rocks the tent.  You smile and clap with them.

Enjoy us in all of our October Madness glory.

Our Scribe will arrive with some words of her own in the next post.

Oh, and fair warning,

Midnight on Halloween day,

the masks come off.






Speak with Light.

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