A Blast from the Past

rhett-wesley-343206-unsplashLast night I was looking at my past parts of unfinished novels and decided it’ll be fun to share them with you all.  When I first started Wattpad in like 2010, I created this novel that I started writing called Coincidences Happen Right (later retitled to Temptation Awakened in a revamp.)  and it’s about this group of witch sisters who are facing a good vs evil battle with a group of demons.  The main character Quella has a battle of her own when she gets to know and like one of the demons.

So this is a section taken from that, raw and unedited:

Cloudy, dark, gray sky greeted her as Quella opened and slowly sat up.  She winced as the pain struck her from her head.  It reverberated all through her body.  She laid her head back down on the grass.  Grass, why am I laying on grass? She thought as she jumped up ignoring her body’s protests.

Where was she? She rubbed her arms as a cold breeze hit her.  Looking around Quella saw a lake with lots of trees and a path circling around it.  The campgrounds? She was at the campgrounds, lying down in the grass unconscious.  The last thing she’d remembered was walking with Gabriel to his house then feeling a million shocks igniting her body in so much pain.

“What happened?” Suddenly the effects of getting up too fast had her feeling dizzy.  The world started spinning and she felt nauseated.  She placed her hand against her stomach trying to steady the food that rocked precariously inside.

“I could ask you the same thing” His deep voice sent chills down her back, it was laced with menace.

Gabriel.  Was he responsible for her pain?  She grabbed hold of the tree balancing herself so she would faint.  Taking a shaky deep breath, she tried to keep the vomit that was threating to spill from coming out.

“What did you do to me?” Quella yelled.

He stepped from behind a tree that was a couple feet away from her and made his way forward.  His expression was neutral but she could feel the angry vibes coming off.

She stood still clutching the tree for support; she positioned her right foot slightly behind her left ready for combat.  She didn’t know what he did to her but she wouldn’t let it happen again.

“I did nothing,” He said casually, still coming closer.

“Then why do I feel like blowing my head off just to end the pain that my body is now in”

“Ah, that.” Was all he said while he closed up more distance.

“Stay back” She warned wishing she had brought a weapon with her.

This Gabriel she didn’t know, he was cold emotionless and looked as deadly as his fire red eyes.

“That was a trap,” He stopped a tree away leaning on it with his hands crossed over his chest.

A trap? He set up a trap for her?  That son of a bitch.  She swallowed hard and tried to straighten herself onto the tree as best as she could.

“Courtesy of Monica” Gabriel kept his eyes on her.

A red haze covered Quella’s eyes.  She would rip the girl to shreds!!

“What I can’t seem to figure out is why it worked on you?” He cocked his head to the right.

“What do you mean?” Quella brows came together, she licked her lips and she stood up straighter.

“You see that trap only works on witches.”

Her eyes widened and a gasp tore from her lips.  What would he do now that he knows? Kill her or let her go.  She didn’t know but she knew she needed to get away from him.  He doesn’t know he’s lying trying to trick you into saying what I really am? She thought and forced herself to appear unaffected even a little confused.

“Like witches and warlocks like the stuff from books? You can’t be serious?” Quella laughed without humor.  When he didn’t say anything just simply stared at her, she added.

“You think I am a witch because your psycho bitch of a friend electrocuted me?” She scoffed.

Gabriel gazed at her through slitted red eyes and bared his teeth in an evil smile.  Teeth that normally looked perfectly human now looked razor sharp.  Quella gulped and cowered back instead of what she wanted to do, attack him then go back for Monica and peel the bitch’s skin from her body.

“So darling is there something you wanted to tell me?” Gabriel took one step forward a sinister smile on his face.

Quella was pinned in disbelief on what that look said.  It spoke clearly and if she did tell him the truth she would die and if she didn’t she would die. He was about to take another step

With that in mind, Quella took off.  Arms pumping she sprinted toward the forest.  Her breath coming in short pants as the branches slapped against her skin leaving stings of pain.  The trees seemed to come all around her cutting off any light source.

“God I’m so stupid” Running to forest had been a bad idea, she didn’t know where she was going.  Just keep running. She told her body.

She didn’t hear any sounds of footsteps or breathing. Was he not chasing her? She turned right, jumping over a tree trunk.  Her lungs started to burn from exhaustion but she didn’t dare stop.  She didn’t see any opening only trees and more and more trees.  Quella listened once more to the sounds of the forest.  Only her breathing was heard.  Figuring it was safe she slowed to a stop.

“Whew” She clutched a nearby tree, catching her breath.  She looked up.

Ugh, where am I?


I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past. This novel and characters will always hold a special place in my heart.


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