The Apps After My Heart

Let’s talk apps.  More specifically photo and video apps.  Since the start of our Instagram page (follow us at I’ve been searching and finding apps to help boost my professional and innovative game.  Today, I will share my four from the picture above.

I am a writer, a scribe, I use my words to create images in your minds so I went in search of apps to make those words unique.  Also, as a creative person that dabbles in photo editing, I love using images and effects along with my words to convey my messages.

  1. Werble

This took me under five minutes to make and I love it.  Adding the rain and leaves to an already spectacular photo makes it even more unique.  There are tons of stuff to do.  This promo video shows how amazing this app is.

2. WordSwag:

As the name suggests this is an app that helps bring swag to your words and making them that much more enticing.  Just recently I have played with the many many images they have like this one above.  I need to figure out where they are getting their images.  Some I recognize from Unsplash but others I have not seen before like this one.

This picture above is an example of I weekly use the app.  My Free Flow Friday’s on Instagram are created from this app and I enjoy the simplicity of it.  You can go simple or very cool with all the images and font choices.

3. Buffer and 4. Photogrid-

These last two more help organize and utilize your Instagram.

The third one is Buffer.  Buffer allows me to take my ideas I have for the week and preplan them and when it’s time to post it will send you a notification.  You can send the image from the app and it copies whatever you’ve written for you to post.

If I can get ahead on a slow day, I will. I’m glad this app allows me to do that.

Number four is Photo Grid.  I remember looking at different pages and wondering how do they get their accounts to form a large scale picture?  It was super cool and I wanted to learn to do that.  You can do that with this app.  Here’s an example.

Also like this picture below, I feel you can utilize this when you are doing a book cover tease.  As you can see you can cover portions of the picture.  The possibilities are endless.

Those are the few apps that I have been having fun exploring and helping me create awesome pictures for you to enjoy.  Do you have any favorites or recommendations? Leave them below.


Scribe SigMuse Signiture 2

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  1. I use photogrid all the time on a more basic level (collaging) lol but its cool to see what other capabilities all the app has. I personally love all your edits on IG xoxo

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