Blood Sisters Two

Guess which gracious hosts let us back into their world.

I had so much fun writing this and I am hoping they do so again.


“Headshot or he’s not dead.” Sari pressed as she leaned over the side of the rail.  Her light auburn curls grew around her in a big lovely cloud.  Just as wild as her personality.  My midnight curls were combed into two big puffs.  I was obviously the tamer one.

“What? No! No one could’ve survived that.” I said and moved beside her looking down.

“You’ve seen Don’t Breathe right, and he was human.”

I had no rebuttal that movie was creepy, to say the least.  Silenced, I sent her a look.

“Headshot Adalyn or he’s not dead and no points for you.” She commanded.

“Fine.” I sighed.

I removed a vial and shook up the purple contents before I loaded it.  The gun clicked and I took a deep breath.  I wanted a clean kill but apparently, that wasn’t going to happen tonight.  Although is it killing if the spirit is already dead to begin with?  Pesky things didn’t know how to stay dead.

From our vantage point and with our gift of supernatural sight, I could see the gaping hole in his chest where I shot him before he fell over the edge of the balcony.  Luckily for me, there was a step that extended below the balcony, so I didn’t have to shoot far.  His body was starting to disintegrate and soon would turn to ash.  He features were losing focus.

This ammo carried holy water mixed with melted bits of amethyst.  It worked slowly and did the effect we wanted but the amethyst was asking death to be discreet and quick.

My favorite was the ammo filled black Tourmaline, but the cleanup was not pretty or smelled too good.  Its power was heat also but with electricity.  Black Tourmaline was best used with shots to the heart where it would act as an AED.  It would literally shock your heart to death.

I’d never shot someone twice with this amethyst potion. I was hit and quit it type of girl, so this was going to be interesting.

I lined up my aim and then let the death bringer go.  The bullet pierced, and I saw his body grow and his skin turned red.  This wasn’t good.

I placed the safety on my gun.  Without saying anything to Sari, I moved quickly back and turned my head before the explosion happened.

“Eww!” Sari shrieked and I slowly turned back then immediately bent over laughing.   Sari’s was covered with the energy of that spirit.  Her million freckles looked more prominent against her pale skin with the green goop on her face.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

I sobered and calmed my voice. “There are consequences for your commands, sweet Sari.  You must learn.” I quoted our High Priestess, Oriel.

Sari shot me a go to hell look.  She took out sea salt from her satchel and rubbed it over her arms and aura.  She was as clean as she was going to get until we got back.

“How can you be so calm hunting demons when you’re sleeping with one.  Aren’t you like betraying his loyalty.” I said placing my gun inside its holder.

“First of all, we’re not sleeping together.” She walked past me into the lavish apartment.

That caused me to raise a brow at the little miss Pinocchio to check for any nasal growth.

“Fine whatever and secondly, Travyn is a warlock, not a demon.” Sari corrected.

“Same difference.  Evil is evil. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

“There is a difference. Travyn has no evil deed to his name, he is still neutral.”

I walked away, we’ve been having this argument every day.  It never got far since another witch would show up and I’d be forced to swallow the conversation.  Blood Sisters confidentially spell and all.

An elevator bell dinged and a man in a nice dark blue business suit came out.  Mr. Brownsted stopped just after he stepped out of the elevator.  His blue eyes tracked through the room then his caterpillar brows frowned at us.  Uh oh.  I felt my cheeks heating and cursed myself for not remembering the mess we made.

Nothing was broke just moved around a little and a little of the potted plant’s dirt were thrown on his white carpet.

“Hello sir,” I said cautiously and moved towards him with my iPad.

He took a deep breath and I handed him the iPad.  He popped his jaw but luckily he entered his information and signed.

“The coven thanks you for your payment,” I said and quickly took the device back and motioned for Sari.

“If you have any other problems—

“Who you gonna call?” Sari interrupted and looked expectantly at Mr. Brownsted.

When he continued to look confused, she nudged his shoulder until he gave an exasperated sigh, “Sisters of Crystal Healing.”

“Exactly.” Sari winked at him.  I dragged her away to the elevator.  She swung her arm around me and we left.

We decided to take the long way home, walking through the seaside bungalows and the boardwalk.  Halfway home, I stopped.  Goosebumps broke over my dark skin and I could sense something was wrong.  Pay attention Adalyn.  I approached our beach house cautiously.   Our covens house door was open.  I didn’t go in, instead, I motioned for Sari to follow me.

The neighboring house was empty, and I knew you could see from their balcony inside our house. We moved to the trellis and climbed the overgrown weeded thick gate up to their balcony.

We crouched so we wouldn’t be seen.  The neighbor’s balcony faced the big window into our living room.  It was dark inside our home but I could make out shadows.

Two or three shadows moving around.  One of the shadows was dragging someone.  I watched in anticipation as they arrived closer to the front door.  We had sensors and when triggered–

“Finally some light,” Sari said.

Small lights tripped on casting the room in a small glow.  It was enough to see what was happening.

What I saw made anger flare so fast and hard, I felt dizzy. Oriel being dragged and from the way her body drooped, she was unconscious.  The person that dragged her had a lot of freaking nerve.  Shaggy dark brown hair and pale skin.  Tall and lanky although he seemed to have filled out a bit.

“Travyn” Sari whispered shocked.

No evil to his name. I was so pissed I couldn’t think straight.    Only one thought circled around Kill Travyn.  I loaded my gun while I still had visual of the bastard.  Our weapons worked well in both the spirit and natural realm.

“Tourmaline, do your worst,” I whispered taking aim.  My finger relaxed on the trigger and I let the anger flow, but a smack of pain jolted me and the gun.

“No Adalyn, wait!” Sari hit my hand as I fired.  I watched with rage building as the bullet hit a centimeter to the left of Travyn and his black heart.

I wasn’t sure or cared if he found us out.  Rage corroded my thoughts.  I twisted around like a feral cat.  Sari stood wide-eyed with her hands outstretched.  Rage turned into red-hot energy that strengthened me so as soon as I pointed to her and commanded “Somnus” Sari collapsed to the floor.

I turned my attention back to the house to find it empty.


Scribe Sig



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  1. Why did you have to stop so soon, I am dying to read more hope to see a continuation in the future

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