Let’s Talk: Insidious Chapter Four

insidous 4

I can say with so much excitement that this is my favorite out of this series.  I couldn’t get enough.  It was a fantastic movie.  I’m so happy they were able to recover themselves greatly.

Seeing the previews, I was excited but still didn’t get the haunting part.  During the movie, I was like that makes perfect sense and flows together so well.  This was the second movie I watched where the audience clapped after the movie ended.  Such an enjoyable horror movie.

So the points I loved in the movie:

  • It was more than a horror movie.  We were dealing with both supernatural and the mundane conflicts.  A perfect blend of action and horror.  Two of my favorite genres.
  • The plot was fantastic and to me everything made sense.
  • I loved the familiar faces and how it combined with the first two
  • I was surprised and I feel like it’s rare to be surprised in a horror movie that’s not like a jump scare.  The point in the plot where it connected I was like oh shit, I did not see that coming.
  • It pointed out to me by someone that the way they use the music is very well done to make you scared at the right times and feeds the atmosphere.
  • Elise’s past and her talents were really interesting to hear about.  This is one of the reason I would want to see it again because I want to understand it more.

By the end, I was hoping for another movie, the total opposite of the third one. Also, it was mentioned that this movie related somehow to the Sinister series, which I definitely will have to research a bit more about.  I would buy this movie just to watch it along with the first two.

I commend Adam Robitel who directed this movie and of course James Wan produced it and everyone else who worked hard to gift us with this gem to start off 2018.


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  1. That first sentence had me like “WHOOOAAAA! no she did not just say that.”
    But I trust your judgment and with this review, I will be going to the theaters soon to see it (hopefully before it leaves the theater)
    Great Post!

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