Wrap up 2017


Here we are with the last post about 2017.  I am of course your host, Viktor the all knowing.  Oh and Muse is here too.  Let’s wrap 2017 in a nice red bow and bury it.   In my eulogy for 2017 I bid farewell to a very moving year. Below are a few key things that’s happened in 2017 in no particular order:

  • This year we almost hit our goal of 1,000 views with 986.  We were so close and I know we can accomplish this in 2018.
  • We had 38 new blog posts for you to enjoy.
  • I implemented a successful October Madness. 
  • Two successful and creative photoshoot with Scribe.
  • Annabelle Creation did not disappoint
  • We started our Instagram page @the.madness.family
  • The Madness Family Headquarters (Scribe’s office) was creatively added to
  • Started the Read-a-thon
  • And there is a map of the Creativity Forest that has yet to be unveiled. We are growing more organized.

I believe that is about it for the year.  This year our focus streamed to new pursuits and grounding.   I was allowed to experiment and help Scribe with new things.  Stay tuned because the renovations still continue with new bio for us all that will better explain our roles of the blog.

Now for Muse:

Hello and Happy New Year!  I just wanted to come in and explain a bit about my thought process and how I helped Scribe this year.  Scribe explained her own thoughts in her Open Letter.

I am her Muse, the magical spirit guide for all things consisting of her writing career.  This year we worked with our strengths and expressing ourselves in more of a physical form since words and worlds were harder for Scribe to get into.

We still needed to write.  We still needed an outlet for Scribe to express because that brought the greatest joy in her stressful life.  Photo editing.  Modeling.  Music.  Instagram.  Decorating her office space.  And blogging to you all these things that she did.

The goal was to keep writing.  Keep expressing creativity.

Now once she got a bit comfortable with expressing her magickal side, I went a step forward.  She needed to be grounded in her business to better access the Creativity Forest.  I was able to find many exercises by one of the most amazing soul, Cerries Mooney.

Together Scribe and I worked on the Initiation Kit and found out that Scribe was of course  Explorer/Alchemist.  The Alchemy community is a bunch of phenomenal women who are very inspirational.

Below is the Blend Board we created and the leading direction for the blog and other future writing endeavors.

My Blend Board ExAlc Final

2018 we step forward with our newfound information and growth ready to bloom.  Thank you to everyone we came across that supported and inspired and showed humility in 2017.  We had a great year and cannot wait for another one.


ViktorMuse Signiture 2

Speak with Light.

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