Other Passions of Her Heart and mini update

Muse has been pulling my attention fully into some new projects that I am so excited for.  These new passions require an expansion of new skills.  As you know I create all of the edited Madness pictures, which you can find most in the REP YOUR FAMILY section, and since the blog has progressed, I’ve enhanced my editing skills.

It’s easier for me to create something from a black background but I find it harder to edit realism pictures.

I’ve been trying to get better at editing pictures as well as modeling and thankfully I have been working an amazing photographer. Owner of Luminescence Photography and a great friend of mine, Margaret Gomez, is amazing photographer and editor too.   Margaret has a real knack for capturing some really amazing shots and poses.

So with our combined talents, we grace you with the following pictures from our milk bath photo session:

These pictures were edited differently at first but for the sake of cohesiveness and a theme to the pictures, I choose this warm pink vibe.



milk6milk5pinkyMy thoughts differ between these last two pictures.  I love both and the energy they exude.  Cool and warm.  I, of course, lean towards the cool darker side of things as we all know.

Then we played a bit with some black and white.  Lack of color focus your attention to my gaze and these two expressions are polar opposite.



And because I love this picture I edited from my snapchat:


We had so much fun shooting these and editing.  More projects like these coming up soon as well as the finish product of the blog’s new redesign and organization.  Then Muse, Viktor, and I have a tale to grace your lovely eyes with.


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