Fated Paranoia

This was one of the writing prompts started in 2016 and never finished and since I’m clearing my drafts, I decided to finish this and post it.  Enjoy the first writing of 2017.

“It’s okay,” he said, wrapping his arms around her as she shook with terror.

“It’s over now.”

“No, it’s not,” She whispered back, her grey eyes wide and her lithe body shook.

“It hasn’t even begun.”

My breathing stuttered and I waited for Lennox’s one-liner to come to fruit at this very moment like it did in the movies.  My alpha captured my eyes and his darted to the left signaling me.

I searched the dark room of the motel waiting for something to come crashing from the shadows and the battle of which she spoke of would begin, but minutes turned to hours and nothing. I still couldn’t shake away my tense shoulders.  My ears remained alert to the sounds outside and the pack bonds.

Of course, miss premonition fell into a fitful sleep.  Lennox dreamt while I lay awake pushing through desires to throttle her.

I had had enough.

“Don’t Grey,” Salem, my alpha, warned before I lunged out of the chair.  His eyes glowed with fire through the dark room.

Warning heeded, I cursed and smashed the shot glass on the end table.  I didn’t wince as the whiskey and glass cut into hands.  My hands were already numb, bloody, and swollen from the battle that I thought would end all battles.

I cut my eyes to the seer that slept like a corpse.  Apparently not.  I was getting real tired of fucking fighting.

“Go, send someone else to keep watch, and get some sleep.” Salem commanded.

I growled, shot out the chair, and out the door.  The blinding morning sun angered me more and added to a migraine I carried for days now.

“Mynor you’re needed.” I leveled my voice, showing no outward sign of anger.  It was not their fault.

Mynor rose from the pack of werewolves situated just outside of the motel room.  They waited around our bevy of cars awaiting their next moves.  All bloody and I’m sure with something broken.

Their appearance weighed heavy on me.

He opened his mouth to speak but at my raised brow he shut it.  I rolled my shoulders back and took many deep breaths during the walk to my motel room.

I didn’t want to hurt Lennox, not really, I could never touch her.  I was just so gotdamn pissed and frustrated at the unknown.

I felt someone trailing behind me, once I got into my room I whirled on her.  Penn.

Patiently she closed the door, took a deep breath, then slowly turned to me with her head lowered.  I wanted to see those beautiful brown eyes that matched her smooth skin but the submissiveness appeased the grip my wolf on me.  Instead of asking her to look up, I took in the curly black hair that faced me.

I didn’t want her to see me like this.  On the other hand, this is who I am without the control I erected around the pack.  Take it or leave it.

Even as my mind spoke the words, my body wouldn’t listen.  I went quiet and paced in front of her.  Anger held steady inside me.

Just until she leaves. I promised it.

I took a deep breath preparing to let her know I wanted to be left alone but her voice rang before mine could.

“No,” She affirmed.  The command ran through the room and made me hesitate.  I looked at her and found her staring straight at me.

“No,” She commanded again looking into my eyes.

“Don’t close up.  Speak to me, Grey.  Let it out.”

I shook my head and ran my hands through my hair,

“I’m just done with this endless fighting.”


My emotions bubbled.  It waited for the open invitation to let it all out.  I, on the other hand, felt wary.

“I can list the reasons I’m about fucking done with this.” The words escaped from my mouth.

When she didn’t react, the pressure eased from my shoulders and more words escaped.

“One I haven’t slept in days. Three days to be exact even as an immortal that does destructive things to our brains.”

I ranted and raved about this battle we’ve been pit against the damned dark witches.  The curse they’d laid upon on feet so we’d been unable to heal as fast as normal.  Been bloody helpless to the energy and the dark witch ways I didn’t fully understand.

“They used the moon, our Luna, against us.”

It. grated. On. My last nerves.

Lennox was the cause although I tried not to blame her.  Our alpha fell in love with the light witch and that made her under our protection. So when the dark witches attacked Lennox’s coven, our pack stepped in.  A slight the dark witches didn’t take too kindly thus brings us to the present moment.

Only when I had exhausted myself and talked myself in circles, did I finally quiet down.  The entire time I had been glancing up at Penn gauging her reaction to me.  The real me.  The unperfect one.

“Yeah…” I rubbed my hands down my blonde unruly hair.

When she didn’t speak as quickly as I wanted, I turned my back to her.  My chest itched.  It felt raw. Exposed.

“Better?” Penn said and I could sense lightheartedness within that word.  I slowly turned and was met with a smile pulling at her wonderful lips.

“Much.” My lips quipped.

“Good. Thank you for letting me in.” She winked at me then sat down at the small table.

I grunted and sat down next to her.

“Now, what’s the plan?”

I was eager for the change of subject and something to keep my mind busy.  When we were finished with a plan and playing what if’s, I felt better.  Calm.  In control again for that day at least.

Hours turned into days and we hadn’t heard a word from our enemy.  Paranoia took over. Darkness my enemy.

We had moved to a hotel where we could better monitor our surroundings.  I rarely left the hotel once the sun went down and sleep was a thing of the past.

One would think the waiting was the supposed battle because it seemed to be the hardest lesson to learn. I didn’t have patience. In fact, I hated not knowing anything.

Penn proved to hover close to me and provide me with comfort.  However, I fought with myself every day to take what she offered.

By the third day of no supposed battle, I felt the anxiousness rising again.  My vision blurred and couldn’t sit still.  The pack passed time training with each other but I was afraid I would loose my cool.

Running would help.  I was tying up my laces when a warm body stepped to me.  I ignored her and finished.  When I was done I grabbed a water bottle and headed to the door.  Her voice stopped me.

“Want to go for a run, Penn?” She asked herself in a low grated tone, mimicking mine.

“Of course I would, Grey how sweet of you to ask.” She sidled up to me.

I couldn’t help a smile and shook my head.

“Fine you can come along,” I said and we left.

There was a wildlife reserve not too far away and was dark enough that no one would spot us.  We jumped the fence and I choose a path to take.  I wasn’t worried about the wildlife here my wolf inside scared most.

We took laps through the dirt pathway that was until my nose picked up a particular scent.  Witch.

I turned towards it and spotted black hair running ahead.  Fucking finally!

I ran hard my wolf instincts took over.  An overly excited pup, I chased down the witch with all the anxiety and anger in my body.

I didn’t hear Penn behind me but I didn’t care I was going to catch this witch.

In hindsight, I wished that I knew I was running myself right into a trap.

Speak with Light.

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