The Satire of the Decade

Future kids:

Mom and son are in the kitchen. Mom is stirring ingredients for dinner. Son is flipping through his history book.
“Mom I was looking through the history book and it looks like it skipped four years.”
“Really honey, I don’t think so. That’s an accurate book.”
“Well, what happened to the president in 2017-2021?”
“I don’t know what you mean honey.  We didn’t have a president during that time.”
“What? Are you sure?”
“Positive that was one of the years we decided not to elect.  It was Barack then the next president was his wife Michelle and still is honey.”
“These pages look awfully thick maybe I missed a page.” *Boy begins pulling at the pages tearing them apart.*
“Honey, you can’t deface school property like that.”
*Ignores mother* “Look, mom, I think I found something. Two pages were stuck together.”
*Squints* “Who is Donald J Trump?”
*Silence.  Mother puts the bowl down and reaches into her apron. She walks over to her son closing the textbook.  She pulls at his chin until he is looking at her.  She raises what looks like a small ballpoint pen.  When she presses down on the pen it flashes a bright light and the son’s pupil dilate and he is unmoving as he goes into a trancelike state.*
“You will not remember Donald J. Trump. You will not ask again.  You will not want to know.  You will only remember that President Michelle came after Barack.” The mom removes the textbook and hides it in the drawer.  She resumes cooking counting slowly to ten.  At ten, the son jumps up and looks around wildly.
“Huh? Wha? What happened.”
“Quit fooling around.  Go get wash up, dinner is ready.”
Drama Masks

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