Final October Madness

This year has certainly been a good year so far.  I have a lots of movies on my list that I may want to watch and at the end of the month we will follow up with a review of the ones I got to see.


Goosebumps! Brings back so many memories; I read a lot of these books and watched the TV show and I love each of them.  My favorite and most frightening one was The Night Of The Living Dummy.  It was creepy and scary.  I find this movie interesting and I defintely want to check it out.

The Last Witch Hunter:

I’m so excited to see this movie! Okay so at first I wanted to see this movie because Vin Diesel is in this and he’s like awesome and hot and stuff.  But now the movie itself looks amazing and the plot looks very good and it’s supernatural so it’s right up my alley.  I like how this movie came about from Vin Diesels Dungeons and Dragon’s character.

Crimson Peak:

This Preview looks interesting, it looks like the plot is going to be really good and hopefully executed well.  There may be a few scary pop up parts but not really scary to me at least.  I’m still excited to see it just for the plot though.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

I had been avoiding watching this preview because I knew it was going to be scary but I watched it and let me just say, there are very few movies that scare me.  This…this might.

Like I’m not sure if I want to go see this movie.  Which is really strange for me to say.  I think it’s because of my fear of the infamous BM (Bloody Mary) even typing that was hard.  I don’t like it, I’ve never was fond of the legend.  I avoid speaking it…everything.  So this may be a very hard movie that I may skip this year (first time in a long time)

These last two I recently saw previews on when I went to go see The Visit, Saturday night.


At first when I saw the preview I was skeptical on what it was about.  I didn’t know if this was going to be a friendly family movie or what.  But further in it started getting creepier and at the mention of Krampus I was convinced it was not a friendly family movie at all. It looks so good though.  Downside it’s not coming out until December which is fitting I guess.  If you don’t know the history of Krampus I would google it.  I’ve heard of it briefly from the tv show GRIMM.  Check out the trailer:

The Witch:

Set in the colonial times this movie seems like a suspenseful horror movie.  I think the part in the trailer of the peek-a-boo is what stuck with me.  I have high hopes for this movie.  Also I have read that this will not be out until Feb of 2016 (not entirely sure) which I’m sure will be the many birthday surprises for myself.

If I’m missing any let me know below



Quanisha A. McGruder

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