Blood Sister’s Confidentiality

I had been out of the game in writing things other than poetry and journals so went to Pinterest and brought back this prompt.  Enjoy.


“I’m only telling you this because you won’t be able to tell anyone else.” Sari said with her back towards me.


It took me a moment to fully understand what she had said and this pause was a weakness she locked on.  Her auburn hair whipped through the wind when she quickly twisted to me.  Like a fierce predator, her hand shot out and latched onto my own.  With her back turned I hadn’t seen her slice her palm.  Now that I saw the wound, I felt my heart pumping.

Her confidence in her secret being safe wasn’t because we were best friends and she trusted me.  It was because she was about to make sure I didn’t utter a thing.

“No, Sari, stop!” I shouted and yanked at my arm.

Her grip tightened and a dagger appeared in her injured hand.  The athame glittered in the moonlight outlining the streak of blood sliding down.  Her blood.  Mine would be next.  Instead of trying to pull away I put my body weight into her.  Tackling her we crashed onto the sand.

We rolled around the beach in a bid for dominance.  My tulle skirt provided no advantage to her jean clad legs; Sari quickly had me pinned.  I slapped her hands away when they reached for mine again.

“Damn it, Adalyn”

Damn me! “Get off me, Sari.” I growled still slapping her hands.  The dagger flew from her hand onto the white sand next to me.  The dagger in my sight, I didn’t try to call it.  It wasn’t mine.  My command wouldn’t be accepted to my liking.

What to do? My own weapons were in my room. I wasn’t prepared for any of this. I struggled and tried to get my legs free from under her.  When that failed I resorted to fighting dirty.  I reared my arm back and with a little force, punched Sari in the gut.  She bowed over and I pushed her off of me.

I didn’t get two steps before her body embraced me in a hug from hell.  My legs couldn’t support us both and gave out.  Down we went.  Again.

I didn’t have time to breathe before the cool metal slid across my skin of my palm.  Sari clasped her injured hand to mine and squeezed.

Silentium” Sari whispered into the wind. The loud crash of the waves and insect chirp quieted.  The cool breeze turned to warm fast paced winds that circled around us.

“Your lips are sealed, sweet Adalyn.” Without looking I could hear the smile in her voice.

That’s when our conjoined hands began to burn.  My skin felt like fire as the spell wove its way into me.  The pact sealed itself around my throat.  Breathing was hard.  Realizing this, Sari took some of her weight off me.  Spells of silence took forever to seal especially when the receiver wasn’t tolerant.

But the damage was done so I succumbed to the spell.  Once I relaxed I could breathe easier and the spell swooped in.  My tongue was slick with the pact.  It felt gross and totally unnecessary.

“I told you I wouldn’t tell anyone.” I snapped.  Allowed, I finally jerked my hand away.  Sari stood and I rose to my knees.

“Now you can’t.  Blood sister’s confidentiality.” The more she spoke the more I wanted to punch her again.

“Wow, thank you for trusting me with this, best friend for five years” I banded back my braid after patting out the sand from my hair.

I should have expected this from her.  In our early years as newly coven sisters, she ended each secret with a spell.  In my defense, I thought we had grown over her trust issues that had nothing to do with me.

“You never know,” Sari took her wicked dagger to the shore and dipped into the water.

“Know what, that I would blab to the coven about your escapades with that evil disgusting warlock, Travyn thus banning my only friend from the coven!”

Sari raised from the water. “Now when you say it like that, my reaction does sound a little excessive.”

A little! Boiled to the point of no return, I stormed away.  Revenge was only a potion away.

“Love you!” I heard her shout.

“Oh, you are about to feel the love I have for you.”



Quanisha A. McGruder

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  1. This is wonderful. I love the way the action flowed while Sari was trying to cast her spell and the characters’ history and relationship make things even more interesting. I would definitely love to see a part two. =)

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